Giving women a voice in their sexual health

Women's sexual health and pleasure remain a taboo topic. At Lady's Sparrow Foundation we are committed to giving women and their sexual health a voice. We focus on providing them the courage, knowledge, and resources to thrive within their health, body, and sexuality. 

I am a free spirit... either admire me from the ground or fly with me... but don’t ever try to cage me.
— Unknown

What we Provide

We compartmentalize the pain and suffering so that people can begin to heal themselves. We can show them the reasons behind the suffering and connect them to obtainable solutions. The foundation gives names to these ambiguous pains and seemingly hopeless situation. We demonstrate that hope is not only available but highly attainable.

Empowerment: No longer will we allow women to feel ashamed of their bodies and sexual health. Empowerment is the first step to giving these women a voice so they can be their best advocate. 

Education: Women suffering with sexual dysfunction often live in the shadows of shame and guilt. By building public education and awareness we start to shine light into those shadows and strip away the stigma that sexual dysfunction holds.

Connection: Provide peace-of-mind, motivation, and council to those suffering to give them strength and confidence to overcome the fears of treatment.

Relief: Connect those suffering to the appropriate solutions and resources to receive treatment and proceed with an enjoyable lifestyle.


**If you or a loved one is suffering with sexual dysfunction please email us at to gain a better understanding and to get connected to help.