Our Launch Day Is Here

Im sitting here going through all of our last bit of the todo list and I am honestly overwhelmed with emotion. We have invested over a year to give this foundation everything it has needed to make the biggest impact on our world possible. During that long but fast journey so many amazing people have entered my life and embraced LSF. I have sat infront of HUGE CEOs that are inspired by our mission and I have unknowningly spoken to lost souls who literally breakdown in front of me in tears. 

I have sat down infront of professionals in the women's sexual health industry that tell me how countless women come to them truly broken and have had no where to turn. As we developed this foundation I knew the numbers but to see the numbers is honestly astounding. For a disorder to be so unknown yet so common shocks me to the core. We have big plans for the future. From attending medical conference to not only obtain better education on this disorder but to give Vaginismus a stronger voice, to creating an eviorment for women all around the world to receive the treatment, to building a world that doesn't make Vaginismus so shameful, scary, and lonely. 

I cannot stress this enough that I have no doubt that each and everyone of you know someone who is suffering with this disorder, or that as you are reading this you are that person and had no idea that was what is wrong. There is no other organization like Lady's Sparrow Foundation... so for so many we will be that one ray of hope. We cannot do this alone. Any big movement takes an army but it is individuals that make up that army. Join us in this movement. Join us in the mission to empower every single individual on this planet that is suffering to conquer Vaginismus. 

It is going to take a lot of support and power to make this happen but at the same time we are fully capable of making this change.  Life is too much of a beautiful thing to live it within closed walls. LET'S BREAK DOWN THOSE WALLS!!!!