10 Myths About Vaginismus

With there being so much mystery behind Vaginismus there are alot of myths and misunderstandings about the disorder and the women who suffer with it. Lets crush those myths right now!

1) Sex is suppose to hurt - Sex is NOT suppose to hurt. There may be some pain for the first time but ongoing pain is not normal and you should seek advice from a physician.

2) My Husband/Partner is just too big for me - No matter the size of an adult women, the vagina is designed to accomodate a fully erect penis when it is arroused. It may seem like a perfectly good reason intercourse is so difficult because of your partner's size but it typically has no factor in Vaginismus. Vaginismus is the tightening of the pelvic muscles resulting in no room for a penis. 

3) Women who suffer with Vaginismus have a low libido - Most women who have Vaginismus are still very sexually responsive and have a deep desire to make love but when sex creates pain on a consistent basis it is perfectly normal to avoid any type of intercourse. Also the shame that is carried with Vaginismus results is the women's confidence to drop dramatically. 

4) Drinking wine, relaxing in a hot bath, taking anitdepressants, or watching pornography will cure Vaginismus - Even though many may believe that relaxing will help cure Vaginismus, although very important, it is not the case. 

5) Vaginismus will go away with time - Vaginismus will not go away on its own. It does need treatment and the earlier you face Vaginismus and seek treatment the quicker one will achieve pain free sex. 

6) There is no cure for Vaginismus - This is completely false. As much as Vaginismus is awful disorder the beautiful thing is that it is 100% treatable as long as the right treatment plan is implemented.

7) Just try harder at intercourse it will fix it - Continuing to have sex and reinforceing the pain only will make Vaginismus WORSE! Your mind is only being taught on a stronger basis that sex hurts.

8) Surgery will fix Vaginismus - There is no surgery or medication that will cure Vaginismus. Vaginismus needs a program inorder to be cured. 

9) All women who have Vaginismus have been sexually abused - Although sex abuse victims can as a result develop Vaginismus that is not the case for many. The causes are endless and often the women have abuse free backgrounds. 

10) That you are alone - Vaginismus has been a disorder with such little awareness that many think they are all alone. It is estimated that Vaginismus will affect 1 out of 10 women at some point in their lives. You are not alone... and there is help here for you!