10 Benefits from a Healthy Sexlife

Many people do not realize the benefits from a healthy sexlife besides pleasure (which is important!) and why Vaginismus is a problem that goes beyond the surface. So lets take a closer look shall we...

1) Oxytocin, is the bonding hormone. It is commonly known for its higher levels during breastfeeding to enhance the mother and baby bonding. This hormone also increases during sexual intimacy between adults which therefore enhances bonding between partners in a relationship.

2)Fewer Strokes and Lower Blood pressure! Once again Oxytocin is to thank. Sexual intimacy has been shown to increase this lovely hormone, particularly in women. Higher levels of Oxytocin has been shown to lessen the reaction to stress by the body. Also Oxytocin decreases how narrow blood vessels become during stressful situation, therefore decreasing blood pressure and strokes. 

3)Lower Stress Levels! Once again with sexual intimacy Oxytocin is increased resulting in decreased anxiety, stress levels, and pain sensations.

4) Stronger Immuned System! Excessive stress can have negative effects on the immune system. Having sex on a regular basis decreases stress and so therefore adds to it positive booster to the ability to fight illness.

5)Higher well being and positive additude! Lower levels of cortisol and higher levels of oxytocin are associated with high feelings of well being, it stands to reason that activities like sexual intercourse has a positive effect on people in feeling more self-worth with regular sexual activities.

6)Fewer Heart Attacks! Lower bodily reaction to stress associated with higher levels of oxytocin equals fewer heart attacks. 

7)Fewer disabilities with age! Those with a more active sex life seem to be less likely to develop disabilities as they age compared to those with a less satisfying sex life.

8)Less often congintively disable with age! The aerobic exercise involved in having sex can help slow aging of the brain which helps prevent everything from mildly congnitive to dementia

9)Longer life! Studies have shown that overall health has a positive correlation associated with being interested in having sex and engaging in sexual activity. studies have also found that living with an unsatisfying sex life has a direct correlation to poor health.

10) Because its fun and fun is always good for your health!!