Sparrow Mentor Program


We get it... suffering with a sexual disorder leaves you feeling completely alone with no where to turn. The journey to healing can be exhausting and frustrating. It can be extremely scary and feel like you are getting ready to climb Mount Everest alone.... but you aren't. Millions of women are suffering right along side you and with our LSF Mentoring Program you are connected to one another. We connect someone who is beginning and in the middle of their journey to healing with someone who has healed or under good management.

We connect men to other men as well because we understand it is a difficult journey for the loved one's in these relationships. It also takes both people in a relationship to work together. A mentor will be your biggest cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on, and the person you can confide in with the silliest of questions (because trust us there will be some!) We have found having a mentor provides a higher success rate, releases much of the anxiety and fear, and rebuilds confidence in both the mentee and mentor.

We need Mentors as well as this program grows. Please contact if you would like to get involved in this life changing program.

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